Perspectivism, and the Unknown!

The mind is filled and fuelled by perspectives. Circling all around us, in that very depth of the utmost assertions, swayed in the angle of egoism! ¬†Friend or foe, happiness or sadness, and the likes, 're shaped and governed by our ever-present and potent perspectives. The process itself, is the mechanism through which 'living' is... Continue Reading →

Once again! I sat on the “pity pot” concerning illusory happiness!

Have you one day felt like the world was leaving you behind?! Or, that you were no different from what you were years ago?! Well! that have been my recent torment. Devastated, and always over-thinking, wishing and despaterely seeking to be someone else! Particularly, people whose lives the tv or the internet has portrayed as... Continue Reading →

‘Pity’ as a Decadent Virtue!

Pity rest at the bottom of the heart of all sentient being. It's easily evoked, given the slightest reason to. As persuasive as this virtue stands to be, its the danger of dangers! But how can this innocently looking virtue be problematic to the growth of the society? Like a cyst that rest on its... Continue Reading →

The inescapable Twin of being!

What has become of the modern day man, or of humans generally! Wielding our Ego wilfully, like it's a weapon. That concept of "I" that sits so close to the concept of "Selfishness," our deep natural instinct for survival, the preservation of our soul, and doing whatever it takes to put every situation to our... Continue Reading →

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